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Sderot: A City in Renaissance

Sderot is undergoing a remarkable transformation, evolving into a magnet for young families nationwide. This rapid growth is fueled by significant investments in quality education, rich cultural offerings, and sustainable green spaces.

At the heart of this revolution stands the Dimri City Gate project. Strategically located at Sderot's main entrance, it faces the city's largest commercial center, train station, and the intersection with Route 34.

City Gate serves as the gateway to the vibrant Music Neighborhood, a fresh, youthful area brimming with parks, playgrounds, schools, and kindergartens.

Here, a new residential culture is blossoming. Don't miss your chance to be part of Sderot's exciting future.

Dimri City Gate Sderot: Unlocking a Bright Future

Step into a world of opportunity at City Gate Sderot, where your dreams of modern, luxurious living become reality. Strategically positioned near essential services and transportation hubs, this remarkable project offers an ideal blend of convenience and elegance.

As Sderot continues its impressive growth trajectory, Dimri City Gate stands as a testament to the city's bright future and presents a significant potential for return on investment.

The project's unique value propositions - its prime location, distinctive living environment, spacious apartments with rich specifications, and attractive financing terms - transform it from a mere real estate investment into an investment in a modern, indulgent, yet affordable lifestyle.

Experience a unique living adventure in a verdant setting, enjoying roomy apartments with lavish amenities that seamlessly combine comfort, rural charm, and advanced development - a rare fusion that's hard to find elsewhere.

Dimri City Gate Sderot is redefining the concept of urban living with its diverse range of spacious apartments designed to cater to varied needs and preferences.

From cozy 3-room units to expansive 5-room apartments, garden apartments, and luxurious penthouses, each space is meticulously crafted with a rich specification list.

These turnkey homes boast elegant 80x80 porcelain granite flooring, kitchens with built-in islands, parquet-like balcony flooring, electric shutters, double glazing, and pre-installed air conditioning systems. This thoughtful blend of elegance and functionality ensures that every apartment at Dimri City Gate is not just a living space, but a dream home tailored to your aspirations.

Whether you're a young couple starting out, a growing family, or looking for the perfect retirement haven, City Gate offers a home that fits your unique vision of ideal living.

Direct Sales: No Middleman, More Value

At Dimri City Gate, we believe in providing maximum value to our homeowners. That's why we offer all our new apartments directly, with no brokerage fees.

This means you can purchase your dream home without the added cost of intermediaries, ensuring that every shekel of your investment goes directly into your property.

Our transparent, direct sales approach not only saves you money but also allows for a more personalized buying experience. You'll work directly with our dedicated sales team, who are intimately familiar with every aspect of the City Gate project and can provide you with detailed, firsthand information to help you make the best decision for your future home.

Beyond Apartments: City Gate - Community, Quality of Life, Bright Future

City Gate by Dimri is more than just a collection of beautifully designed apartments; it's a gateway to a modern, community-focused lifestyle. The project prides itself on its perfect environmental development, featuring lush parks, playgrounds, kindergartens, and schools. This unique living environment nurtures a new, young, and vibrant residential culture, promoting cohesive and high-quality community life. These amenities not only cater to physical needs but also foster social and educational growth, making City Gate the cornerstone of a thriving lifestyle in Sderot. By choosing Dimri City Gate, you're not just selecting a home; you're embracing a forward-thinking community that values connection, growth, and quality of life.

A Rare Opportunity to Invest in Your Future

Dimri City Gate presents an exceptional array of new residential apartments, each tailored to match the aspirations and budgets of future residents. Whether you're looking for a 4-room apartment starting at just 1,500,000 NIS, a spacious 5-room home from 1,720,000 NIS, or dreaming of a luxurious penthouse starting at 2,450,000 NIS, City Gate has the perfect option for you. For those who prefer a ground-level retreat, garden apartments are available with 4 rooms from 1,900,000 NIS and 5 rooms from 2,200,000 NIS.

But the value doesn't stop at the price tag - we at Dimri stand behind every home with our full commitment and responsibility for construction quality and excellent service to all apartment buyers. This rare combination of variety, quality, and accountability makes our City Gate not just a purchase, but a sound investment in your future.

Dimri: A Real Estate Giant Offering Quality and Peace of Mind

At Dimri, a leader in Israel's real estate industry, we have revolutionized the home-buying experience by taking full responsibility for both construction quality and customer service. By building all our projects in-house, we ensure that every apartment buyer enjoys a premium, advanced living experience, coupled with a sense of calm and tranquility throughout the entire process. Our unique approach means that when both the developer and the contractor are Dimri, you can rest easy knowing that your project will progress exactly as it should.

Unparalleled Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence at Dimri is evident in every aspect of our work. We take direct responsibility for each phase of the project, from planning and execution to occupancy and after-sales service. Our stringent quality control measures adhere to the highest building standards, utilizing top-tier materials and cutting-edge technologies.

Our exceptional customer service team is always at your disposal, ready to address any questions or requests throughout your journey. This comprehensive approach provides homebuyers with an unmatched sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that we at Dimri oversee every detail of your future home.

Join the Revolution: Elevate Your Lifestyle with Dimri City Gate Sderot

Don't wait to be part of this exciting opportunity. Each apartment at Dimri City Gate Sderot represents a rare chance to invest in a quality home and enjoy superior service and a perfect living experience.

Are you ready to embrace a high-quality, advanced living experience in Sderot's City Gate? Contact us today, and our sales team will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a personalized and progressive purchasing experience. Visit our sales office to experience the future of Sderot living firsthand.

Remember, City Gate Sderot is more than just a real estate investment – it's a commitment to a quality lifestyle, comfort, community, and growth. Your dream home awaits – schedule an appointment with us today and take the first step towards enriching your life for years to come.

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    About the area

    The "Dmari Shaar Ha'ir" project was built at the main entrance to the city, in front of the large commercial center, the train station and the intersection with Route 34. Close to well-kept public areas and a huge, green park with an area of ​​about 50 dunams. In addition - this is also the entrance gate to the music neighborhood: a new, young neighborhood with community services: day care centers, kindergartens, synagogues and a youth club.

    Frequently asked questions

    Are there warehouses for apartments in the project?

    Yes, most apartments come with storage rooms. All 5-room apartments include storage rooms, and availability in 4-room apartments varies. For details, please contact our sales team.

    Does each tenant have a parking space?

    Each apartment has at least one parking space. Penthouses get 2 parking spaces, like most garden apartments, depending on the specific structure. In addition, the 5-room apartments on the upper floors have 2 parking spaces. For detailed information, please contact our sales team.

    Is there a 20/80 payment option?

    While a 20/80 installment plan is not available, we do offer subsidized loans and favorable payment terms, contact our sales office for more information on payment options.

    Is there a sukkah balcony?

    Yes, some apartments have a sukkah balcony.

    What facilities are located near the project?

    The city gate enjoys an excellent location at the entrance to Sderot, next to Route 34, in front of a shopping complex, near a train station, kindergartens, schools and parks, making it an ideal setting for comfort and quality of life.

    When is the expected occupancy date?

    The expected occupancy date for the City Gate project is April 2025. For the latest updates and more information, please contact our sales office.

    What makes the music neighborhood the perfect choice for families and young couples?

    The music neighborhood is a new and young neighborhood that offers a unique living experience that combines rural charm with advanced development and a high quality of life.

    Are there green spaces and community services within the project?

    Yes, the project boasts perfect environmental development with parks, playgrounds, kindergartens and schools. It also includes community services that foster a quality atmosphere.

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