Corporate Responsibility

Our code of ethics

The three core values that brought us to success are: family, fairness and commitment to success .
These values are reflected in the rules of operation that come together to define our way of doing business: familiality – based on the development of partnership over time, fairness – while maintaining business integrity and commitment to success – which is reflected in the pursuit of excellence in our activities with our colleagues, suppliers and customers.

We see this code as a central axis in the company’s activity. Accordingly, the ethical code is binding on all those working in and on behalf of the company. Also, in order to maintain a responsible work environment, employees are obliged to report any violation of the ethical code to the direct manager or to the ethics officer in the organization. The company will provide protection to those who disclose crimes or violations of moral integrity.

We are sure that this code will serve us as a tool in our day-to-day activities and will lead to our continued success.

More about our code of ethics>

Provision of anonymous information

In order to maintain the security of the entire company’s activity and the activity of every employee of the company, the company makes the “hotline” available to the employees as well as to the general public.

The hotline is an anonymous communication tool with the company’s management, intended to report irregularities, suspicions of improper activity and violations of the company’s code of ethics. This mechanism allows for anonymous contact, minimizing damages, a quick and professional examination of the problems that will be raised and the correction of the situation as quickly as possible.

Y. H. Demari encourages all employees, managers and the public to immediately report any suspected violation of the code of ethics and the company’s policy as detailed below and intends to check and investigate any complaint of a suspected violation as mentioned. We undertake to maintain complete confidentiality regarding your application and details.

The contact is anonymous and you do not have to provide identifying details, however, callback details may be of great help, as there may be cases in which we ask for clarifications or additional details.

Please be sure to provide complete details, as much as possible, about the incident or suspicion, so that we can handle the request effectively.

Who do you report to?

For any concern about a violation of ethics rules, laws, regulations and/or the company’s code of ethics, contact the Ethics Officer at:

1 Jerusalem St., PO Box 71, Nativot 8771001

Or leave a message on voicemail with the number 08-9939085

You can also contact the email box [email protected]

Board of Shareholders

Labor and Employment Law

Annual leave law – we make sure to conduct ourselves according to the law and give our employees their full rights.
To read about the minimum wage law >
To read about the annual leave law >
Prevention of sexual harassment – we prohibit and condemn any offensive behavior and sexual harassment of any kind and make sure to be alert to the importance and sensitivity of the issue.

sustainable development

As one of the largest and most influential construction companies in Israel, we believe that environmental responsibility must be an integral part of our day-to-day activities. In the process of planning and making decisions regarding each of our projects, we make sure to examine the social, environmental and ecological consequences and effects of our activities. We strive to reduce the environmental effects of the buildings we build while promoting sustainable development for our sake and for future generations.

Israel has been building for two decades

Israel has been building for two decades

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