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Discover the New Ramat Hadar in Givat Shmuel: a burgeoning neighborhood where modern living meets nature. Here, a variety of apartments, from cozy 2-room flats to luxurious penthouses, meet every need and budget. Adjacent to Bar Ilan University and seamlessly connected by roads 471 and 4, future light rail, and metro lines, its prime location promises easy commutes. Amidst green parks and playgrounds, the New Ramat Hadar offers an unmatched quality of life with its superior construction and exceptional customer service. Join us, and step into a world of possibilities.


Skyward Luxury: A New Era of Living at New Dimri Ramat Hadar

Elevate Your Living: Discover a 20-story luxury tower in the new Ramat Hadar, blending urban comfort with natural beauty in Givat Shmuel’s most sought-after neighborhood. This vibrant area is transforming Givat Shmuel with lush parks, playgrounds, convenient public transport, first-class educational facilities, synagogues, and more—all poised alongside the future light rail. Investing in New Dimri Ramat Hadar offers strategic advantages and premium amenities, promising a bright future for its residents.


Green Living Meets Modern Luxury: Unveil the Charm of New Ramat Hadar

Step into the embrace of New Ramat Hadar in Givat Shmuel, where the allure of green, modern living awaits near Bar Ilan University. This vibrant community, highlighted by Ramon Park and South Givat Shmuel Park, offers an array of recreational delights—from lush lawns and scenic walking paths to cutting-edge fitness amenities and lively playgrounds. A newly established park and sports fields enrich the south, amplifying the green canvas. With over 30 years at the forefront of Israel’s real estate, Dimri unveils this esteemed project—a symphony of quality life, community, and sustainability. Embark on a new era, meticulously designed for your family’s burgeoning future.


Ascend to Excellence: The Apex of Comfort at New Dimri Ramat Hadar

Embrace unparalleled living at New Dimri Ramat Hadar, where luxury seamlessly blends with comfort at the apex of architectural innovation. This iconic 20-story tower epitomizes sustainable elegance, featuring an avant-garde lobby, an exquisite residents’ lounge, comprehensive elevator service, secure bicycle storage, expansive private parking, and thoughtful storage solutions. Here, the fusion of community, sustainability, and unmatched services crafts a novel standard in urban living, offering a refined lifestyle destined for those who seek nothing but the best.

Redefining Elegance: The Summit of Living at New Ramat Hadar

Do you dream of a higher standard of living? Imagine starting each day in a magnificent tower amidst advanced green architecture, benefiting from unique services, and surrounded by a supportive community. New Ramat Hadar Tower stands as your ideal home. Nestled in Givat Shmuel’s most coveted neighborhood, it presents:

– Innovative, eco-friendly design merging technology with sustainability.

– A striking lobby that doubles as a vibrant social hub.

– An elegant lounge tailored for community events.

– Seamless access with three high-speed elevators.

– Secure bicycle storage, catering to families and cycling aficionados.

Embrace a lifestyle where luxury meets community at the New Ramat Hadar Tower.


Dreams Within Reach: Luxurious Apartments in Givat Shmuel’s New Ramat Hadar Tower

Unlock the door to an unparalleled lifestyle in Givat Shmuel with the New Ramat Hadar Tower, where luxury, breathtaking views, and a vibrant community converge at an attractive price. This rare opportunity invites you to own a piece of paradise, blending high-end amenities with the beauty of seamless community integration. Here, your dreams of luxurious living are not just imaginable—they’re achievable. Step into a realm where each detail is curated for the highest level of comfort and elegance.


Fall in Love with Your New Apartment

Embrace the opportunity to fall in love with your new apartment and start a new chapter of enriched family life. Discover spaces where dreams of beautifully designed interiors and expansive balconies come to life, offering unmatched views. Experience a superior standard of living tailored for families in our tower’s apartments, ranging from 2-6 room configurations to garden apartments and penthouses with extra-large balconies.


Beyond Expectations: Discover Unparalleled Living at New Ramat Hadar

At New Ramat Hadar, experience a living standard where luxury meets functionality in every detail. Each apartment, a masterpiece of design, features ceilings soaring at 290 cm for an unparalleled sense of space and light, with 100/100 porcelain granite flooring that combines elegance and durability. Enjoy the tranquility and energy efficiency provided by double-glazed windows, while the modern, equipped kitchens with built-in units, acrylic sinks, and marble worktops redefine convenience. The spacious balconies and elegantly designed interior doors complement the bright rooms, crafting perfect spaces for family life and comfort.

Embrace Unmatched Living; Why New Ramat Hadar by Dimri Is Your Best Choice


  1. A Leading Real Estate Company: With over 30 years of experience, Dimri has become one of Israel’s most prominent and successful construction firms, celebrated for its high-quality construction and outstanding customer service.


  1. Unrivaled Financial Strength: Demonstrating exceptional financial resilience, even in challenging times, Dimri ensures customer security throughout the apartment purchasing journey.


  1. Diverse Apartment Selection: From cozy 2-room apartments to luxurious penthouses, Dimri’s New Ramat Hadar caters to a broad range of needs and preferences, emphasizing quality materials and innovative design.


  1. Prime Location: Situated in Givat Shmuel’s rapidly developing neighborhood, New Ramat Hadar is surrounded by greenery and close to premier educational institutions and future public transport links, providing a perfect blend of convenience and quality living.


Dimri’s New Ramat Hadar is a perfect project for anyone looking for a luxury, high-quality apartment in an attractive location, as part of a supportive community.

Don’t miss the opportunity! Come live in the new Ramat Hadar and start living the good life!

Contact us to schedule a meeting.

logo_ramat hadar_POS

  • A magnificent 20-story tower
  • Advanced and green architecture
  • A lobby with an innovative design
  • A spacious and elegant residents’ lounge
  • 3 elevators
  • Bicycle room
  • Parking and private storage for each apartment

– Ceiling height: 290 cm

– The floor of the apartment is granite porcelain 100/100 *

– Tile-like balcony flooring *

– Double glazing in the windows*

– designed entrance door*

– networks in windows *

– Pandora doors*

– Apartment air conditioning *

– Three-phase electrical connection

– Intercom TV

– Telephone point, TV in every room

– Water point, TV on the balcony

– wall covering with gypsum plaster/putty*


– premium ceramic cladding on the walls 30/90 *

– Hanging toilet and hidden Niagara

– Flower faucets

– Automatic duster and filling nozzle

– drainage*

– 4-way intercom *

– A bathroom cabinet that includes a work surface and a mirror*


-Kitchen that includes a BUILT IN unit

– Acrylic sink with flat installation

– marble work surface *

– covering over marble 30/60 *

– Removable faucet

– No water for the fridge

– Dishwasher preparation*

– Three-phase outlet for the stove

* According to technical specifications

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