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Ramot Yoram: Your Dream Community Awaits in Netivot

 Embrace Nature’s Bounty at the Bohu River Reserve

Nestled beside the breathtaking Bohu River Reserve, Ramot Yoram offers a lifestyle intertwined with nature’s beauty. This 630-dunam haven provides endless opportunities for family fun and exploration. Imagine spending your days strolling along shaded walkways, cycling scenic paths, or picnicking under the canopy of trees. The reserve boasts sports facilities, an artificial lake, expansive green parks, adventure-filled children’s complexes, and even an aviary, ensuring every member of the family finds something to cherish.

Raise Your Family in a Thriving Community

Ramot Yoram goes beyond offering stunning natural surroundings; it fosters a thriving community built for families. Within its bounds, you’ll find everything you need to raise happy and fulfilled children. Top-rated schools and kindergartens provide excellent education, while a convenient shopping center fulfills everyday needs. Synagogues offer spiritual solace, and numerous public buildings cater to various community needs. This self-sufficient enclave ensures you have everything within reach, creating a sense of comfort and belonging.

Find Your Perfect Home at the Ramot Yoram Residential Complex

Imagine waking up to panoramic views of the verdant landscape from your spacious apartment. At the Ramot Yoram residential complex, that dream becomes reality. Choose from a variety of elegant apartments, ranging from cozy 3-bedroom options to expansive 6-bedroom havens. Boutique buildings and sleek residential towers offer distinct living experiences, catering to diverse preferences. Whether you seek a close-knit community feel or a touch of modern grandeur, your perfect home awaits in Ramot Yoram.

Live Life to the Fullest in a Central Location

Life in Ramot Yoram means never being far from what matters. The complex’s prime location grants you effortless access to a wealth of educational institutions, ensuring your children receive the best education. Leisure centers abound, providing entertainment and opportunities for recreation. And when it comes to community services, you’ll find everything you need right at your doorstep. Imagine the ease of dropping off the kids at school, grabbing groceries at the nearby shopping center, and then taking a refreshing walk through the park – all within a stone’s throw of your apartment.

Ramot Yoram is more than just a neighborhood; it’s a thriving community where families can connect with nature, enjoy endless amenities, and raise their children in a nurturing environment. Don’t miss your chance to call this idyllic place home.

Contact us today to learn more about available apartments and start your journey to a fulfilling life in Ramot Yoram!

Immediate occupancy!

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Eco-Friendly Living Community
Green Oasis, Sustainable Future
Comfort and Environmental Responsibility
Secure Private Parking
Dedicated Secure Parking Spot
Private Parking, Peaceful Mind
Private Sun Terraces
Morning Sun, Evening Stars
Rooftop Retreat for Leisure
Spacious Optional Storage*
Convenient Extra Storage Space
Declutter with Optional Storage

High-Quality Granite Porcelain Tiles
Energy-Saving Double-Glazed Windows
Easy-Control Electric Blinds
Network Access:
Seamless In-Window Internet Access
Sophisticated Pandoor Interior Doors
Climate Control:
Air Conditioning Ready Rooms
Technology and Security:
Secure Intercom TV System
Shabbat Clock for Observance
Telephones, Cable in Every Room
Balcony Convenience:
Water-Accessible Main Balcony
Powerful Infrastructure:
Three-Phase Electrical Connection
Smooth Gypsum Plaster Walls
Functional Upper, Lower Cabinets
Durable Caesar Stone Worktops
Easy-Clean Acrylic Sink
Flexible Removable Faucet
Refrigerator Water Point
Premium Ceramic Bathroom Tiles
Sleek Hanging Toilet, Niagara
Stylish Bathroom Storage Cabinet
Elegant Flower Faucets

*Please note that the information marked with an asterisk needs further clarification about technical specifications or design details.


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