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Wine City: A New Era of Urban Development

Wine City is an exemplary planned residential district designed for thousands of young families. It boasts modern infrastructure, tens of thousands of square meters dedicated to commerce and leisure, innovative projects, and a revamped education system encompassing kindergartens, schools, and special attention to gardens, parks, and green public spaces. With the construction momentum marked by dozens of cranes and a new entrance interchange, this development embodies Zionism at its finest.

The Heart of Ashkelon’s Growth

Situated at the northeastern boundary of Ashkelon, ‘Wine City’ is set to become the largest neighborhood in the city and one of the largest in Israel, projected to increase the city’s population by approximately 35,000 residents. The area will also feature an employment and office zone spanning roughly 500,000 square meters and a new train station to the east of Wine City. A central thoroughfare will link Wine City with central Ashkelon and the new exit interchange to Route 4 on the north.

A Diverse and Dynamic Residential Option

Wine City presents an exceptional residential option for a diverse population and is poised to be a significant growth catalyst for Ashkelon and the broader southern region. Dimri, recognized as the leading company in the field of residential real estate in Israel, is at the forefront of constructing Wine City, offering new apartments directly to buyers without real estate brokers.

Dimri’s Vision in Action

With over three decades of experience, Dimri is constructing not only in Wine City but also in the adjacent Barnea neighborhood and the southern Lakes neighborhood. The company’s work epitomizes entrepreneurship, development, persistence, and top-tier execution, setting the standard in numerous cities across the country.

Discover Your Dream Home in Ashkelon

Are you searching for new projects in Ashkelon? In the burgeoning Wine City, discover Ashkelon’s new northern trajectory! The project will feature ten buildings of varying heights, ranging from 7 to 15 stories, offering a diverse selection of apartments. Families can find the perfect fit in terms of room count, apartment size, design, and, importantly, price and financing options. Dimri’s latest project in Ashkelon includes four 6-story buildings and two 15-story buildings, comprising 3, and 4, garden apartments, penthouses, and more.


  • Exemplary environmental development
  • Private parking
  • Grand lobby
  • Residents’ lounge on the lobby floor
  • Premium stone cladding
  • Storage*

  1. Flooring
  •    Granite porcelain flooring (80/80 cm)
  •    Parquet-like flooring in select areas
  1. Windows and Doors
  •    Electric shutters*
  •    Double glazing in windows*
  •    Designer entrance door*
  •    Pandoor interior doors* 
  1. Electrical and Communication
  •    Three-phase electrical connection
  •    Intercom with TV functionality
  •    Telephone and TV points in every room
  •    Water point and TV connection on the balcony
  1. Additional Features
  •    Wall covering with gypsum plaster/putty*
  •    Gas point on the balcony
  •    Preparation for a pool on the balcony (electricity, water, and gas)
  •    Preparation for an outdoor kitchen on the main balcony
  1. Bathrooms
  •    Premium ceramic wall cladding
  •    Hanging toilet with concealed cistern
  •    Modern faucet designs
  •    Bathroom cabinet with work surface and mirror*
  1. Kitchen
  •    Built-in kitchen unit
  •    Acrylic sink with flush installation
  •    Marble worktop*
  •    Removable faucet
  •    Dishwasher preparation*
  •    No water connection for the fridge
  1. Additional Interior Specifications
  •    100/100 cm flooring in specific areas
  •    15/60 cm thin-like balconies
  •    Oven-painted interior doors
  •    4-way intercom system*
  •    Bathroom cabinets in all wet rooms
  •    Strip line for air conditioning
*Note: The plans, simulations and details are for illustration and information purposes only and do not constitute any commitment by the company. The company is bound by the agreement and the technical specifications, according to the sales law, which the company and the buyers will sign.
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