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The city of Ashkelon has experienced a significant development boom in recent years, with considerable resources invested in the marina area. This has transformed it into one of Israel’s most picturesque locations. The marina serves not only as a docking point for vessels but also as a hub for an innovative entertainment complex. This includes a cinema, commercial centers, and recreational facilities, complemented by stunning beaches and a vibrant promenade featuring sports complexes and a skate park, all enhancing the well-being and enjoyment of both the city’s residents and those of the surrounding projects.

The ‘Dimri YAMA Marina Ashkelon’ project, part of the esteemed Dimri YAMA series, features three 24-story luxury towers in a coveted seafront location. The project comprises 327 apartments with 2, 4, and 5 bedrooms, penthouses, and more. Each offers a breathtaking view of the marina and the expansive blue horizon of the Mediterranean Sea. The variety of apartments and the project’s prime location make it not only a wise real estate investment but also an ideal living solution for families who prioritize the quality of life. Residents are assured an opulent living experience, beginning each day with a cup of coffee on the balcony while soaking in the spectacular sea views, akin to a perpetual luxury vacation.

Are you interested in becoming a part of the Dimri YAMA projects? We offer a range of new seafront apartments in the Ashkelon Marina. Provide your details, and we will reach out to you promptly.

yama ashkelon

  • Exemplary environmental development
  • Dedicated private parking
  • Grandiose lobby
  • State-of-the-art spa complex
  • Residents’ lounge on the ground floor
  • Premium stone finishes
  • Optional storage*
  • *Subject to terms and conditions.

  • Apartment flooring 80/80 *
  • Parquet-like flooring
  • Air conditioning including ceiling lowering
  • Strip line for air conditioning
  • electric shutters*
  • Double glazing in the windows*.
  • designed entrance door *
  • Interior doors made by Pandora *
  • Three-phase electrical connection.
  • Intercom TV
  • Telephone point, TV in every room
  • Water point, TV on the balcony
  • Wall covering with gypsum plaster/ putty *


  • Premium ceramic cladding on the walls
  • Hanging toilet and hidden Niagara.
  • flower faucets
  • 4-way intercom
  • A bathroom cabinet that includes a work surface and a mirror*


  • A kitchen that includes a BUILT IN unit
  • Acrylic sink with flat installation
  • Three-phase outlet for the stove
  • marble worktop *
  • Removable faucet
  • No water for the fridge
  • Dishwasher preparation*


  • Tiling 100/100, 120/120
  • Thin-like 15/60 balconies
  • Interior doors with frame 0
  • Bathroom cabinets in all wet rooms
  • Strip line for air conditioning
  • Water point + electricity + drainage on the balcony (preparation for the kitchenette)
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